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Freestyle Motocross

Freestyle Motocross

Discover Freestyle Motocross! Also commonly known as FMX or Moto-X, freestyle motocross finds its origins
Freestyle Motocross
in the sport of motocross and has emerged as one of the fastest growing high-adrenaline sports of the new millennium while also being one of the most watched sports at the various extreme sports competitions.

Unlike traditional motocross, freestyle motocross places less emphasis on high speeds but on the abilities of daredevil riders who perform thrilling and death-defying stunts high in the air. The mesmerizing jumps are usually performed over a stretch of up to 150 feet with the combination of suspense, danger and the unknown providing an excellent form of entertainment for various shows and events.

Find a list of the best freestyle motocross tricks here, from basic maneuvers such as can cans, heelclickers and nac nacs to more advanced stunts ranging from saran wraps to kiss of deaths.

Motocross has evolved from races in the early days to spectacular freestyle events where riders perform their best and craziest tricks for all to see. Here's what to expect at these competitions.

Get the lowdown on all the gear you need to get straight into Freestyle Motocross, from helmets to jerseys, pants and boots, here are some of the features and designs to look out for.

Find out about the best bikes used for motocross, their history and how they can be modified to provide riders the best chance of performing their favourite stunts to the best of their ability.

Pro Riders
So who are the best riders? What have they done and what makes them what they are? Find out as we tell you what it takes to be a pro, the who have made it and their individual accolades.

Discover the evolution of freestyle motocross from its scrambling roots in Britain to world championship races and the high-flying, death-defying extreme sport as we know it today.