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Motocross Bikes

Motocross Bikes

Solo motocross bikes consist of engines ranging from anywhere between 50cc to 550cc. During the sport's infancy, a 500cc class would have been the premier division.
Motocross Bikes
Technological advancement, however, resulted in more powerful open class motocross bikes with riders unable to ride them at their limits.

Technology also resulted in increased speed and maneuverability of 250cc leading to them superceding the old 500cc bikes as the first choice amongst riders.

Two-Stroke Bikes

Motocross bikes are distinguished by their engines i.e. whether they are two-stroke or four-stroke models. While bikes were originally built with four-stroke engines, two-stroke engines eventually dominated the motocross scene in the later years due to their increased power.

Additional improvements in technology would see the introduction of features such as water cooling systems and monoshock rear suspension systems which replaced the old air cooled, twin shock rear suspension models and further increased its power capacity.


Due to the nature of motocross which typically involve big jumps at high speeds over rugged terrain, motocross bikes require significant suspension to facilitate such extreme stunts and conditions. In fact, the advances in suspension technology are largely responsible for the state of the sport today as without which the numerous thrilling jumps seen today would otherwise be impossible.

To minimize weight which should ideally be as low as 200 to 250 lbs, additional accessories such as lights, electric starters, speedometers and kickstands are not included in the construction of a motocross bike. In addition, aluminum and magnesium, which are low in weight, are generally used.

Motocross riders spend most of their time standing which allows them to absorb any impact or shock with their knees. The bike's elongated seat does not provide much in the way of comfort but allows riders to shift weight quickly while providing additional traction around corners.

Purchasing Bikes

Surprising to some is the fact that motocross bikes in conditions that are ready to race can be readily purchased. Experienced riders, however, prefer to make custom modifications to their bike for purposes ranging from performance reasons to tuning the bike according to their own personal preference.

Freestyle Motocross Bikes

Freestyle motocross bikes are typically modified specifically for FMX purposes which generally gives them a look distinguishable from standard motocross bikes. Seats are sometimes shaved down to allow for a wider range of movement while rear fenders are usually cut to prevent them from getting in the way when doing tricks. In extreme cases, handles are strategically attached to various places on the bike to grab onto while doing tricks.