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Freestyle Motocross Events

Freestyle Motocross Events

Events usually come in two different formats known as Big Air and Freestyle Motocross. In Big Air,
Freestyle Motocross Events
contestants are allowed up to three attempts of the same jump with the rider's score being allocated based on the best trick or stunt out of the three attempts. Jumps are usually performed over length of 100 feet and contestants must focus on executing a single maneuver to perfection. For this reason, Big Air competitions are also commonly known as 'Best Trick' events.

Big Air

Points in Big Air are given over a 100-point range by a panel of ten judges based on factors that include the rider's style, the level of difficulty of the trick performed as well as the best use of the course where the event is held. At the conclusion of the event, the winner of the competition will be the rider who has scored the most points.

Freestyle Motocross

Freestyle Motocross is an older cousin of Big Air. In this event, contestants are given a freestyle course where they must compete over a sequence of routines which last anywhere from a minute and a half to a quarter of an hour.

A freestyle motocross course can span an area of a couple of acres and riders can expect to tackle several jumps of varying angles and lengths. Their performance will then be assessed by a panel of judges who assign them a score based on their ability to complete various tricks while utilizing a combination of jumps.

Some of the more renowned Freestyle Motocross events include Big-X, Red Bull X-Fighters, Dew Action Sports Tour Gravity Games, the X-Games as well as the Moto-X Freestyle National Championship.


The original form of freestyle motocross is freeriding where riders have the freedom to perform their tricks and display their skills in public areas facilitated by natural terrain ideal for jumps. Without the constraints of a strict format or structure, freeriding usually requires greater mental ability, skills and the willingness to get down and dirty. Popular freeriding spots can be found in places from Beaumont, Texas to Ocotillo Wells and Glamis Dunes in California as well as in Cainville, Utah.