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Professional Freestyle Motocross Riders

Professional Freestyle Motocross Riders

Make no mistake about it. Freestyle Motocross riding is a tough gig. Apart from the obvious danger in riding a 250lb motorcycle off 40-ft ramps and floating
Professional Freestyle Motocross Riders
up to 80 feet in the air while hanging precariously off the machine, the stunts and tricks take a long time to master and require an enormous level of skill.

However, professional freestylers revel in the opportunity to showcase their talents as well as being able to indulge in their greatest passion i.e. riding motorcycles.

Professional Freestyle Motocross riders continually strive push the limits of their machine and physical ability, aiming to go bigger and higher with each event while coming up with spectacular new tricks never before attempted. Below are some of the better known riders who have blazed a trail for others with their amazing feats.

Carey Hart

Hart became renowned for being the first rider to perform a back-flip on a 250cc motorcycle, a feat he achieved at the 2000 Gravity Games. Hart also pioneered another move that would become known as the "Hart Attack".

Travis Pastrana

Pastrana has invented many innovative freestyle motocross tricks while also being the first rider to complete a double backflip which he performed in his film Nitro Circus 3 and also at the 2006 X Games 12 in Los Angeles where he won the Moto X Best Trick Gold Medal.

In addition, Pastrana has tallied several championships and X Games gold medals and is, in fact, the youngest rider to win an X Games gold medal, having done so at only 15.

Mike Metzger

After winning the Freestyle and Big Air events in the 2002 X-Games, Metzger stunned the crowds at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, as well as viewers of ESPN, by completing a backflip over the fountains and breaking the distance record by landing 125 feet away from the ramp.

Brian Deegan

Deegan lays claim to being the first person to perform a 360, also known as an off-axis backflip, in competition, dubbing the stunt the "Mulisha Twist". Over his career, Deegan has notched up to ten medals and is the only rider to date to have competed in each event in every X Games.

Nate Adams

After winning several motocross races as a youngster, Adams was enthralled by the sport of freestyle motocross and before long would win the World Freestyle Motocross Championship as a pro in 2002. Gold medals at the 2003 Gravity Games and 2004 X Games would follow. Adams has also invented several freestyling tricks including a no-handed landing after performing a backflip.